Foam Insulation

Choosing the best insulation for your home becomes important when it comes to saving money on monthly energy bills. Reducing air movement in and out of your home is essential in making sure it is energy efficient. Creating an air barrier through the use of closed cell spray foam is the most effective way to prevent air leakage.

In our climate, it is best to use 2 lb SPF for interior applications. We apply the spray to any area of the home. It then expands 35-50 times its original volume, forming a rigid plastic barrier with extreme compression strength.

Other benefits of using closed cell spray foam insulation in the home

  • Up to 50% energy savings, with payback around 5 years
  • Impermeable air barrier, keeping out insects, moisture, mold, mildew, drafts, sounds, pollutants and unwanted vapors
  • Saves on building costs, especially for framing, heating and cooling systems
  • Increased racking strength by 2-3x other insulators
  • Improved air quality comfort
  • FEMA Approved flood resistance
  • Provides more usable space in attics
  • Increased R-Value (R7 vs. R3.2)
  • 92% efficiency vs fiberglass at 32%

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